Our current hours are as follows:

CrossFit Classes
Mon – Friday

5:30 am

6:30 am

9:15 am (DayCare available M-F)

10:15 am (DayCare available M-F)

4:30 pm

5:30 pm

6:30 pm (No 6:30pm class on Thursdays or Fridays)


8:00 Open Gym (No Daycare)

9:00 am (DayCare available)

Those who have less that one month CrossFit experience, please refer to our “New to CrossFit” tab for Intro Program details.


3 responses to “Hours

  • crossfit208nampa

    It is $80.00 per month.
    You get 10% off so it would be $72.00

  • David Whitlock

    I’m interested in taking the beginners course. What time do you usually do this courses and on what days?

    • crossfit208nampa

      Hi David typically I have you come into any of our classes for your first time. At that time I will assess some basic movements and then we can determine where your comfort level is from there. We have a special for new members going on right now so we have several newbies in all of our classes. Give me a heads up on when you might be in and I will make every effort to be at that class if I’m not coaching already. My name is JT I’m the owner my number is 208-463-8714

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