Monthly Archives: March 2015


Buy in=10m-primal crawl/10m-inch worm/10m-lunge

Skill/strength=(6min. E2mom)3-5 strict presses

W.O.D.=(3rounds)10-push presses(135/95)/15-box jumps(24/20)/20-swings(53/35)

Cash out=100m-farmers carry/1min. Bar hang/roll out



Buy in=(2 rounds)5-wall squats/10L+10R-around the worlds/20- jumping jacks

W.O.D.=(20min emom)1st-5 bent over rows/2nd-plank or kb crush/3rd-6-8 ab wheels/4th- jump rope

Cash out=1min. Couch on each leg/rotator exercises/roll out


Buy in=(3 rounds)10-kang squats/10L+10R-halos

Skill/strength=(8min. E2mom)3-5 OHS

W.O.D.( 15min. AMRAP) 10m-OH walking lunge(45/25) / 100m run holding the plate you used for the lunges/ 10-pull ups

Cash out=walk 400m/hammy stretch/roll out


Buy in=4-1 bear complex

W.O.D=27 cal. Row /27 thrusters (rx 95/65 scale 65/45)/21/21 15/15 9/9 for time!

Cash out=3 arm bars each arm(5 count)/hammy stretch/roll out


Buy in=(3-rounds)5-kang squats/10-push ups/20-jumping jacks

W.O.D.=(20 min. Emom)1st-45sec. Plank/2nd-45sec. Hanging knee hold/3rd-45sec. Row/4th-45sec. Kb pull a parts (53/35)

Cash out=1min.couch stretch(each leg)/hammy stretch


Buy in=(2rounds)10-single arm swings(5L+5R)/10-one arm one leg deadlifts/10-goblet squats

Skill/strength=5min. Emom 3-RDL’S

W.O.D.=(3rounds)10-kb high pulls 5L+5R/10-kb thrusters then rest 2 min. After the rest do 50wallballs then 25 pull-ups for time.

Cash out=100m farmers carry/roll and stretch


Buy in=halos(10L+10R)/around the worlds(10L+10R)/10-tricep ext.

W.O.D=Tabata butt ups/swings alternating for 16 total rounds then Mtn climbers/push press (45/35)alternating for 16 rounds.

Cash out=hammy stretch/rotator exercises/roll out