9-4 WOD

Buy in…
10 Meter Bear Crawl
10 Meter Broad Jump

10 Min To work on Turkish Get Ups

EMOM for 16 Min
Min 1 10 STO
Min 2 20 Sit Ups or 30 Sec

Cash Out…
Run 200 Backward
Yoga Stretches

The below info about TGU are from Whole 9…

Dallas Hartwig…
Turkish Get-Up: If there’s one truly “full body” exercise, it’s the TGU. Stabilizing weight overhead while shifting one’s body position beneath the weight develops key stabilizing muscles and addresses often underdeveloped unilateral strength. Getting up from the ground is a fundamentally human pattern, and is totally scalable for lifelong strength and functional mobility. Light TGUs are also excellent for recovery.

Turkish Get-Up: Involves sit up, co-ordination, single arm, single leg, scapular work in open and closed chain, loads changes conditioning and purpose.

Rob MacDonald…
Turkish Get-Up: A whole body movement that teaches balance, coordination, and body awareness. It also gives the shoulder a lot of time under tension in which it has to stabilize the weight in various positions. This adds an important injury proofing dimension to the exercise. They can be done heavy to develop strength and also be done light on a recovery day.


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