2-21 WOD


Buy in…
7 Med Ball Push Press
7 Med Ball Squats
7 Wall Balls

EMOM for 8 Min
3 Pwr Clean and Jerks

15 TTB
12 Deadlifts (155/115)
9 Hang Pwr Cleans (155/115)
6 Jerks (155/115)

Scale with
25 Sit Ups
15 KB Deadlifts
15 Swings
10 Shoulder 2 Overhead

Cash Out…
Run an easy 200
Yoga stretches

Courtesy of CF Verve

Mmmmmm, water. . . .
When I use to work on an ambulance days like yesterday, nice and sunny in the midst of rather cooler weather, would bring in a lot of calls with complaints of feeling light headed. There would be an increase in people fainting and not feeling so hot. Nine times out of ten it was dehydration. As the weather in Colorado fluctuates between winter like and spring like so does our bodies response in regards to sweat production. I don’t just mean sweating in a workout but we increase our sweat output in our daily routines. Spending the last couple days basking in the beautiful sun made me think now would be a good time for us all to get reminded about staying hydrated.

Did you know that the minimum amount of water in ounces we should be drinking daily is equal to half our body weight in pounds? That amount of water is separate from coffee, sodas, any caffeinated and sugared drinks, or alcohol that actually cause a deficit. And if we are working out hard, we should probably be replacing some lost electrolytes in our system such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. This is especially important if we are eating a clean, paleo/zone diet that is usually lacking sodium. Our logbooks not only help us keep track of our food daily, fish oil, energy, sleep, and workouts/mobility–but they are also a great spot to be logging our water intake daily at a minimum.

You can also weigh yourself before and after workouts, and before bed/after waking to see if you are deficient. Losing more than 1 pound overnight is unacceptable and going to negatively impact performance. Sweating ourselves through a workout is okay, but needs to be replaced in order for our body to keep up the good work.

First though, let’s stick to the basics and make sure we are working to keep our diet clean and logging our food, water, sleep, and workouts–then we can see if electrolyte replacements may be helpful. We need to be mindful to take care of our bodies and keep hydrating safely to avoid headaches, muscle cramps, and keep our body ready for whatever life or we may throw at it each day.


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