2-11 WOD


Pic is of CrossFit Seattle. These guys opened the 1st ever CF affiliate!

Buy in…
20 Meters of Justin’s Man Makers
20 Meters Broad Jumps

21 Min EMOM
Min 1
Deadlift (Options will be posted at the box… Not going very heavy)
Min 2
Max Effort Push ups in 20 seconds
Min 3
20 Seconds of Box Jumps

Cash Out…
3 Half Get Ups
1 Arm Bar
Ball on TFL

Quote by Greg Everett from Catalyst Athletics…

“I’m not impressed by the individual who is willing to exercise to the point of vomiting or a loss of bladder control—this is not that unusual. What I’m impressed by is the individual who shows up every day at the gym, does what is necessary, doesn’t complain, doesn’t look for recognition, does what’s necessary outside of the gym to support their training and goals, and continues this process consistently for years.”


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