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2-1 WOD


Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary… Here is a pic of the gym when we 1st got started!

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5 Orbits

5 Figure 8’s

5 Cossack Lunges

5 Bent Over Rows

5 Sots Presses

15 Pogo Hops


1o Min…

Choose between Row tech and Ring Dip tech


“Death by 10 meters”

Cash Out…

Roll Out where it hurts

*This article was written on CrossFit Max Efforts site a few weeks back. Keep in mind that Zach finished 12th in the games 2 years ago. Competition can be fun, but make sure you are being realistic. If you REALLY want to be competitive at this sport, it could come with a cost. If not, have fun competiting now and again, just focus on being FIT!

We Aren’t a “Competition Gym”

We are a gym that allows competitors to flourish.  There’s a difference.

CrossFit is a program that was developed to get people fit – a general physical preparedness program – with no intentions of ever becoming the “sport of fitness” it is today.  Over the past few years, I’ve watched the Reebok|CrossFit Games gain a TON of attention and blow up into the mainstream.  It seems to the public, however, that CrossFit IS competitive fitness and that the goals of CrossFit gyms must be trying to develop the next generation of Games athletes.

I want to stop this perception from spreading.  I want YOU to understand it isn’t true.  CrossFit is NOT the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit is about being able.  It’s about training to be functional in everyday activites.  It’s also about training for the long term goals of health and sustained fitness (all that “feel good” stuff)!

The CrossFit Games athletes make up less than 1% of the CrossFitting population on the planet. What you see on TV is the very few who have, in my opinion, decided to sacrifice long term fitness for an extremely high work capacity in the short term.  At one point, they decided “I’m going to hammer the #@^% out of my body and see what I can get out of it this year!”  And yes, it’s pretty cool to watch and see what limits the human body is capable of exceeding.  It’s even very tempting to give in to the “sexiness” and “glamor” of the idea of training that hard and becoming a “professional exerciser”.

Is it what you want?

If it is, CrossFit Max Effort can give you the tools to be competitive.  We can help you get there.

But if it isn’t what you want, we’d be more than happy to give you long-term fitness and sustainability as well.  That’s why I started this profession.  That’s why I’ll never leave this profession.


1-31 WOD

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With a KB
5 DL
5 Single Arm high pulls
5 Single Arm Russian Swings
5 Cleans
Dynamic Warm Up
1 round of Pendlay Clean Drills


12 Min EMOM

Odd – 4 Cleans
Even – 4 Kb Jerk


Weighted Lunge (53/35)
Weighted Sit Up (53/35)

Cash Out…

Row an easy 500
Lacrosse ball on shoulders
Foam roll upper back

1-30 WOD


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400 Meter Row


2 Min of Jump Rope


Dynamic Warm Up with KB or Barbell


10 Minutes working on rope climbs or pull-ups ( If working on Pull Ups work on open close and bridge work on the floor.If climbing the rope, work on differnt leg wraps and position. Only one pull on the rope for this skill, we’ll climb it later.



1 Rope Climb or 3 Pull Ups or 7 Ring Rows

6 Front Squats (115/75)

12 Grasshoppers

or for Rx Plus


2 Muscle Ups

6 Front Squats (135/95)

12 Pop Ups

Cash Out…

2 Min Plank

Roll Out Achilles/Shoulder

Courtesy of CrossFit Verve…

Want to sleep better? How about feeling less tired? Want to get your brain working better? How about supporting your overall health? Magnesium will assist in all of the above.

Along with helping the above, Magnesium is also involved in over 300 biochemical reactions including; protein synthesis, calcium absorption, and the metabolism of Vitamin D.  That means it’s good for bone health.

Charles Poliquin’s article, which this blog is referenced for, lists many reasons why you should make sure you are getting enough magnesium.  I present to you the three that resonated the most with me.

Sleep better.  I’ve written a number of posts on the topic of sleep and I’ve talked with a bunch of members regarding their tricks for sleeping better or their lack of good sleep.  Sleep seems to be a  popular topic whether you’re getting good sleep or not getting enough of it.  I’ve been adding magnesium to my daily routine for the past week and I’ve been falling asleep quicker and waking up better in the morning.

Get Stronger.  This is a weakness of mine.  According to a study, a group of men were given magnesium as a supplement to go along with their training regiment while another controlled group only did the training.  The group that took magnesium improved strength vs. the controlled group that only trained.

Control Stress.  Being stressed is terrible.  Magnesium helps lower your cortisol levels which can lead to a more relaxed state.

For the full article and the rest of the benefits of magnesium click here.

1-29 WOD

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Parts of the Spealler Warm up
10m Broad Jump
5 split Jumps
5 K2E


3×5 Back Squat

Skill: 8 Min-
Odd- 10 Dbl Unders
Even- 5 Front Facing Wall Squats

WOD: 8 Min Max effort:
2min-Wall Ball (2x 45sec work/15sec rest)
2min-Russian Swings (2x45sec work/15 sec rest)
2min-Dbl Unders (2×45 sec work/15 sec rest)
2min-Flutter Kicks (2×45 sec work/15 sec rest)

Cash out…
50m Farmer, Roll out Hamstrings w/Lacrosse Ball, Bar on 1st rib

1-28 WOD

This weeks programming is courtesy of Dan Walters.

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6 Bar Complexes
10 Hollow Rocks
Pendlay Progressions


6 Min EMOM

1 Hang Pwr Snatch
1 Hang Snatch
* Add weight each round if you feel good


5 Hang Pwr Snatch (75/55)
10 Push Ups
15 Bar Hops
* Rest 6 Min

10 Sit Ups
* Rest 3 Min

1 Min Max Effort Burpees

Cash Out…

K Star Hip mobility
90 seconds couch stretch
Lacrosse Ball on the back of shoulder

We do oly lift as skill/strength a lot… Below is a good explanation why. There are other movements that require this same skill ( Muscle Ups ) but not everyone can do them. We can all move the barbell.

The missing link in so much mainstream fitness programming, from bodybuilding to monostructural endeavors, is the neuromuscular piece—in particular, the development of coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. We can sum these elements up as “technique.” Omitting them from one’s training necessarily results in only partial fitness, partial expression of one’s genetic potential, and a decreased threshold of maximal capacity. To increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains (the goal of CrossFit), technique is the crucial connection—whether your goal is to win the game, protect your life, complete the mission, or just be fit for the demands of everyday life at any age.—Greg Glassman

1-25 WOD

*There is a little language in this video so be careful around little ears. It’s not to bad though

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Pendlay Snatch Drills


2 Rounds of Cindy


“Beat the Old Man”


10 Deadlifts (185/115)

10 Wall Balls (20/14) 10′ for both

10 KB Snatch (5L/5R) (53/35)

10 Burpees

*Notice that it equals 40. If you beat the old man… congrats, you can beat a 40 year old:) If not, you might hear some smack:)

Cash Out…

50 Meter Farmer Carry

Ball Work on front and back of shoulder

Ball Work on hips and GM

1-24 WOD

Buy in…

Group Warm Up.


3, 10 min Stations with 1 Min Rest between

Station 1

6 Push Ups
9 Squats

Station 2

15 Russian Swings
* Keep it light, work on form

Station 3

Row for Meters
* Choose a nice steady pace here. Try not to lose any pace from min 1 to 10.

Cash Out…

2 min plank
Couch Stretch 2 min ea side

Quote from CrossFit Lisbeth…

The good teacher is not afraid of you besting him.

He looks forward to the day you are that strong, or that brave, or that smart.

Your surpassing him is his victory too.