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10-1 WOD

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10 Med Ball Push Press

10 Wall Balls


Spend 10 Minutes working on the snatch… Do sets of 2 and work up to a heavy 2.



20 Push Ups

20 Russian Swings (53/35)

*Rest 1 Minute between rounds

*This would be a great day to the comp WOD if you are doing doing the comp. If you decide to do this, don’t go heavy on the skill part.

Cash Out…

100 Meter Farmer Carry… Heavy

Roll Out and Stretch

Over the next little while we want you to start thinking about what your weakness is. We don’t mean I can’t do those darn double unders or my Fran time sucks. What we mean by this is what movements are difficult for you to do properly. If it is hard to do properly, then we need to find the root cause and fix it. It takes strength to keep fighting through your weakness, but it’s like beating your head against the wall if you don’t deal with them. If you feel weak or tight somewhere, let’s find out why and work on it. You can’t come to the gym everyday and try to “win” every workout. You WILL get burned out and at some point hurt yourself. A lot of us love to compete and that is great, this is why we do little competitions and do benchmarks, but you need to have some days that are just training days when you are at the gym to become more fit!

Here is a quote from Dave Werner at CrossFit Seatle, they were the very 1st CrossFit Affiliate and run an awesome gym:

“The endgame, after all, is not how many plates you can put on a barbell. The goal is to be able to move better, period. That will make all of your other pursuits more profitable. You’ll earn better times on workouts. Lift more weight. Reduce your likelihood of injury. You’ll be a better skier or cyclist or whatever you want to do. You’ll have more fun playing with your kids and grandkids. Everything is going to improve if you move better. Movement skill is an essential part of living.”


Competition WOD

This weeks competition WOD is:


20 cal “Mavis” (air dyne)
15 Ring Push Ups
10 Kb Snatch on each arm (44/25)

* The push-ups will be done elevated with your feet on a box for men and the rings will be higher than your feet for the women.

If you can’t do this WOD on Monday, please let us know when you can so we can have 2 trainers there. Only person can do this at a time.

9-28 Benchmark “Cindy”

20 min AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

*people doing the workout as prescribed will go in heats with counters.

9-27 WOD

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Russian Swing

Sit Up

10 Double Unders between each set


Hips. We’ll explain


5 Minutes of Rowing

4 Minutes of Wall Balls

3 Minutes of Russian Swings

2 Minutes of Double Unders

1 Minute of Squats

Cash Out…

100 Meter Plate carry (Pinch the rubber)

Roll Out and Stretch


9-26 WOD

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100 Meter Run

5 TTB or Rings

5 Chest Slap Push Ups



400 Meter Run

*You choose… 15 Ring Rows, 10 Pull Ups, 7 CTB Pull Ups, 2 Muscle Ups or 2 Rope Climbs

10 Burpees

*Choose again from the above… Mix it up if you want…

Cash Out…

500 Meter Row easy pace

2 Minute plank

Roll Out and Stretch



9-25 WOD

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Bar Thruster
Strict Pull Up



Full Clean and Jerks (Or Clusters)

*Score is weight moved in the time, you choose your weight.

Cash Out…

If you feel up to it, do the following:

Front Squats

2 reps @ 60% of max clean
2 @ 70%
2 @ 80%
2 @ 85%
2 @ 85%
2 @ 85%

Roll out and Stretch!

I just found this quote from Talayna Fortunado who finished 3rd in the CrossFit games this year:

I have trained my body for different sports and while I can say I loved gymnastics most, I feel healthier and more rounded doing CrossFit. The focus is on performance, not appearance and I love that. Sometimes people ask me if I want to do fitness pageants and the answer is NO! I’m not a show pony in a bikini and stripper heels with fake tanner at the mercy of subjective judges. What I do resonates as the time on a stop watch and the weight on a bar. It’s beautiful in its simplicity of measurement and beautiful in the virtuosity the human body is capable of. In this way it’s beautiful in its strength, but it’s deeper than an image. If you don’t understand what I mean, check the premises of what you place your values on.


9-24 WOD

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10 Handstand Butt Slaps

5 KB Snatch on each Arm

10 Goblet Squats


In 15 Minutes warm up to and complete:


1 @ 75%

1 @ 80%

1 @ 85%

1 @ 75% again

1 @ 80% again

1 @ 85% again


10 Minute AMRAP

5 Toe 2 Bar

10 HR Push Ups with feet on plate

*At some point in the WOD, row a 750

Cash Out…

100 Meter Farmer Carry

10 Supermans

Roll Out and Stretch

*Courtesy of Whole 9

Keep Calm and Whole30 On

When your brain is screaming for sugar, and you are one tiny stressor away from giving in and raiding your office candy jar…

When your friends whine yet again that you’re no fun when you’re on this Whole30 thing…

When you discover that the canned tuna you ate last week  actually contains soy…

When your Mom swears there isn’t any sugar in the dressing (but later mentions it’s got all-natural agave syrup!)…

When your digestion is wonky and you’re trying hard to justifying returning to bread and cheese…

When you’re tired, headache-y, cranky, and thinking it’s gonna be a long month…

When you’re tempted by the next Super-Diet that promises you can lose 20 pounds in 4 hours just by following their magical (!) protocol…

When you’re stuck at the airport/in a meeting/at a party and there’s practically nothing you can eat…

When you’re on Day 15, and still haven’t lost weight/kicked your symptoms/felt “the magic”…

When you’re on Day 26 and you start worrying about what’s going to happen after your Whole30…

When your family blatantly tries to sabotage your efforts at every Sunday dinner…

When you try to tell yourself, “One little bite/sip won’t really hurt anything, will it?”….

When you stumble across mainstream media broadcasts that proclaim that whole grains are heart-healthy, but eating egg yolks are worse than smoking…

When you’re tempted by the notion that you won’t have to change your habits at all, if you just make all your cookies/pancakes/muffins/brownies with almond flour…

When you lose your job…

When a family member gets ill…

When your relationship breaks up…

When you get injured or sick…

Keep calm and Whole30 on.

No matter what life throws you; the tricks your brain tries to play on you; or the pressures you feel from your friends, family, society, or your own expectations; the key is to keep calm and Whole30 on. The program is just one step—your first step—in building a lifetime of healthy habits. We don’t expect your Whole30 to be all easy, all the time—and you don’t have to get it all down on your first try.(Or your second. Or your third. You have a lifetime to solidify these lessons, and some paths are longer than others.)

All you have to do is follow the program one day, one meal, one bite at a time, paying just as much attention to the spirit and intention of the Whole30 as the rules.