Buy in=(2rounds) 10L+10R-halos/10L+10R-around the worlds /10-jumping lunges

Skill/strength-8min. Working on Turkish get ups

W.O.D=(Helen)3rounds-400m-run/21-swings( 53/35)/12-pull ups

Cash out=1min bar hang/peck stretch/roll out


Buy in=(3 rounds) 10-wall squats/20-jumping jacks

W.O.D=(14 min. Just move not an AMRAP) 20-bar touches(reset every time)/ 100m- farmers or pinch carry/20-hollow rocks

Cash out=1min. Bar hang/hammy stretch/roll out


Buy in=5-1 bear complex

Skill/strength=(6min. E2mom) 5-front squats

W.O.D.=(4-rounds) 20-wall balls/10-burpees/200m-run

Cash out=1min.-bar hang/rotator exercises/roll out


No yoga this week or next (Wednesday  the 22nd and Wednesday the 29th)


Buy in=(2 rounds) 10-kang squats/10-up downs/10-jumping lungs

W.O.D.=(8 min. Emom) 1st-plank/2nd-15-sit ups then another (8min. Emom)1st-wall sit/2nd-6-strict pull ups

Cash out=2-arm bars each side(hold for a 10 count)


Buy in=(2rounds)20-swings/10L+10R-halos/10-OHS

Skill/strength=(5 min. Emom) 8-bent over rows

W.O.D.=(30-20-10) T2B/STO 135/95 then rest as needed and  do 2-500m rows with good rest between rows or 2-400m runs your choice.

Cash out=couch stretch(1min. Each leg)/rotator exercises/roll out


Buy in=(3 rounds) 5-kang squats/20-jumping jacks

W.O.D=”Chelsea ” 30 min. Emom of 5-pull-ups/10-push-ups/15-squats

Scaled will be 3-pull-ups/5-push-ups/7-squats

Cash out=hammy stretch/peck stretch/roll out


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